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How do I find and choose an ADI?

Don't let price be your priority when choosing an instructor.

You should choose an instructor who;

  • has a green badge (see why below *)
  • has a good reputation
  • is reliable and punctual
  • has a car that suits you

You should take advise from your ADI on;

  • all aspects of driving
  • what books to read
  • when to take your test
  • how to practice

Talk to an instructor before your first lesson;

  • when is a mutually suitable time for lessons
  • ask and see what they plan to do
  • what does the instructor want to know about you and your experience

*  A green badge is issued to a fully qualified instructor, a potential (trainee) instructor has a pink badge and has not yet been approved by the DSA to teach but is still being taught themselves, most pink badge holders never fully qualify.

Begining Lessons

It is very important that you are comfortable with your chosen instructor. I offer and recommend my beginners introductory course. This will take an absolute beginner to a stage where they can, with my help, get themselves home and start their next lesson driving from home. I will also at this stage be able to give you an indication of how many lessons you may need to gain a full driving license. This offers a greater discount in return for your commitmant to learn to drive in one steady continuous course of lessons.


£30.00   per hour

£270.00 10 hour block booking

Beginners Introductory

2 for 1  £30.00

(please ask for terms of these offers)


Should I do a PassPlus course ?

This is an easy one to answer ! Yes.

Passplus is important for new drivers, it gives you access to further training in areas you may not have covered whilst learning to drive. For example there are sections on motorway driving, night driving and town and country driving. You will also find that many insurance companies offer significant discounts on premiums for young drivers who have completed the passplus course.

In almost all cases this discount is actually a larger amount of money than the cost of the passplus course. Remember also that this insurance discount carries over into year 2, year 3 and onwards of driving.

Are Gift Vouchers available?

Gift vouchers are available for any combination of lessons or courses.

To buy a gift voucher for a family member or friend please phone, text or e-mail and I will contact to you discuss and confirm your requirements.


When choosing an instructor also consider the following.

Can anyone give driving lessons ?

By Law anyone charging for driving lessons must be registered with the Dept of Transport (Driving Standards Agency).
This is important for several reasons, not least of which is that without this authorisation you will NOT be insured to drive when taking lessons for which you are paying.

How do I know if my instructor is registered and licensed ?

A fully qualified approved driving instructor (ADI) will have green badge displayed prominantly in their car.

Green badges are awarded to fully qualified instructors.

A pink badge may be purchased by a partly trained person who wishes to become a driving instructor.

While both pink and green badged instructors are authorised to teach,
only a green badge holder has passed their test to teach!


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